Paradigm Shift

Original Soul Jazz Trio

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

Today’s pre-eminent soul jazz trio, Paradigm Shift  has a decidedly fresh take on the famous sound. Founders are guitarist Mel Henderson and organist Gerry Youngman, who have written original music and fresh arrangements of classics for a worldwide audience. And now, with a forward-thinking drummer Sean Jefferson, the band continues to develop a unique sound that is accessible, funky and entertaining.   Signed to Nagel Hayer records in Hamburg,Germany, the band has produced 3 critically acclaimed albums of original music (Tour Redux, Partie 1,Shifting Times, Street Expressionism) with the contributions of some of the world’s most talented musicians – Wycliffe Gordon, Joe Locke and Marcus Printup. Working on their third album, you will want to hear their latest music and new ideas for taking the genre to the next level.


Better Days

August Nights

Just This

Hit the Road Jack

Mind Games

Cantaloupe Island

Interview with  Gerry and Paradigm Shift – Part 1

Interview with Gerry and Paradigm Shift – Part 2