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Excerpt as appeared on 25 March 2014

“The vibe was mellow, but inspired — Paradigm Shift is composed of killer players with strong resumes, men who know how to grab a crowd’s attention with subtlety.

Led by guitarist Melvin Henderson, Paradigm Shift also includes co-founder and organist Gerry Youngman and the band’s youngest member, drummer Sean Jefferson, who has been on board for five years. All three are virtuosos, men well-schooled in the hybrid of jazz, soul, R&B, gospel and funk that is soul-jazz. More significant than their individual prowess as players is the manner in which the Paradigm Shift musicians interact — yes, there were solos aplenty on Friday, but all bowed before the supremacy of the groove.

This, of course, is wholly in keeping with the soul-jazz tradition. The music is, more often than not, based on the organ-playing — a soul-jazz organist such as Youngman is responsible for handling bass player duties with his left hand while affording funky harmonic accompaniment with his right. Youngman proved himself more than familiar with the stylistic breakthroughs of soul-jazz forebears Jimmy Smith and Jack McDuff, players who forged the blueprint for the form, along with the Cannonball Adderly Quartet, Jimmy McGriff, Grant Green and others, during the ’60s.”

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